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Smart Industry 4.0

Bringing you the future of manufacturing

At Greenapsis, we believe our Smart Industry line embodies our passion for high-tech and sustainability. All of our products are carefully designed in-house with our industrial clients’ necessities in mind. The future is here.

Smart LED Lighting

Our industrial lighting product line-up is comprised of ultra-high efficiency LED tubes and retrofits paired with top-notch drivers, allowing for industry-leading warranties. Our smart capabilities include the ability to program schedules, virtual zones, and the use of movement and photometric sensors.

Zero-Investment Joint Venture

The future is here, and it’s free. Our Greenapsis Joint Venture® is a financing scheme designed to help you bring your industrial facilities to the Smart Industry 4.0 era without the burden of initial investments. Replace your old technology with our energy-saving products and use a portion of your energy bill savings to cover the monthly payments during the financing term.

Industrial IoT

Welcome to the Internet of Things era. Our innovative Neurolink® uses long-range, low-frequency radio waves to effectively create a wireless data mesh, allowing for robust Cloud connectivity all throughout the industrial facilities. Furthermore, our technology allows for the bilateral flow of information, and with the use of actuators and sensors is able to remote control all kinds of machinery.

Smart Metering

Our industrial GreenMeter® is a non-invasive, easy-to-install smart energy meter that measures electricity consumption variables and pushes them to the cloud for a real-time, user-friendly display on any device.