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Energy Manager 4.0

Helping you achieve energy mastery

Greenapsis Energy is made up of a selected team of specialized experts that offers valuable energy consulting to industrial users all over Mexico. Our integrated solutions cover the areas of Energy Procurement, Energy Efficiency, Legal & Regulatory, and On-site Generation.

Energy Procurement

Supported by the growing network of market participants, our team executes third-party competitive bidding processes in order to secure our clients contracts with lower prices, better terms, and cleaner electricity and gas.

Energy Efficiency

Our approach combines the use of the newest technologies for fine-level smart metering and specialized expert technical consultants for deep data analysis. The result is a constant stream of valuable cost-reduction projects at the operational level, suited to each client’s needs.

Legal & Regulatory

Our team of legal experts is specialized in energy law and ensures our clients are up-to-date and protected from the industry’s ever-changing regulatory environment.

On-site Generation

We know what to look for. The rise of distributed energy generation technologies such as rooftop solar, allows for both sustainable and profitable projects that help our clients meet their ever-increasing goals.